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We help you maintain business continuity and prevent downtime, Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup power and distribution equipment, protecting you from a host With more than 100 years of experience in electrical power management, Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. From groundbreaking products to turnkey design and engineering services, critical industries around the globe count on Eaton. And, combined with our personal service, support and bold thinking, we are answering tomorrow’s needs today.


With our collection of specialist technologies, we are uniquely positioned to provide power management solutions for mission critical data centers and electronic and communication networks.


Bender has been producing first-class products with excellent service for nearly every industry for over eight decades. In addition to a solid lineup of protective relays, isolation monitors, grounding systems, and isolation power systems, Bender manufactures integrated solutions for hospitals, mining, manufacturing facilities, marinas, fountains, motion picture and television, automation, chemical industries, engineering, ships, submarines, electric vehicles, railway technology, wind and solar energy, and more. Since the very beginning, Bender has been committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your application to guarantee the very best in electrical safety.


Energy Efficient Low-Voltage Transformers  prevent energy waste well beyond the minimum standard transformer (DOE 2016), resulting in the highest efficiency power distribution with the lowest lifecycle cost and, as a result, are suitable for LEED®, Net Zero, and sustainably designed buildings. 


The VDC flywheel energy storage systems hold kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass, and convert this energy to electric power through patented technology within the flywheel system. Our unique technology includes a high-speed motor generator, active magnetic bearings that are used to levitate and sustain the rotor during operation, and a superior control system that can provide information on system performance. These innovative technologies enable the VYCON flywheel to charge and discharge at high rates for countless cycles. 


Manage all of your battery assets with one centralized web-based system.  Easily monitor and manage large campus and dispersed Cellwatch deployments.  Quickly analyze battery performance across 100,000 jars or more Multiple user authentications for administration, control and observation


As one of the leading manufacturers of VRLA reserve power batteries in North America, East Penn is the ideal solution for the needs of highly technical applications including communications, data centers, renewable energy, and other industries where uninterrupted power is essential. 


As global and digital landscapes evolve, data centers are increasingly the foundation of modern life. Enersys supports your essential infrastructure with flexible high-energy density back up power solutions to mission critical applications.

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